NuFace: Excercise for Your Face

Hello to all my beautiful and might I add gorgeous people. I am back giving you the latest on what's new or what I like to recommend for all of your skincare needs. I have to tell your about a handy device used for contouring the face all in five minutes. While I am an esthestician, I am going to share with you from a consumer side and skin therapist side the benefits of my new found love, the NuFace.

Let's be clear, this is not a sponsored post and I am in no way being compensated for this post. I am giving you my real opinion. When I first heard of the NuFace, I was like any consumer, skeptical. There was no way I was going to invest in a device which claims to contour and naturally lifts your face. But after much research and trying it, I could immediately see the results. So how does the NuFace works? Well, it's quite easy and only takes about five minutes of your time. NuFace microcurrent uses a gel formula that comes in as a Hydrating Gel Leave-on Formula or 24k Gold Gel Formula that works as a conductor for the face. Please note, the NuFace gel formula is the only gel that works with the NuFace device. You will not get the same results with any other gel conductor. Apply the gel all over your face in a thin to medium mask layer. (see below)

Hydrating Gel Leave-on Formula

The device has two silver spheres, negative and positive, with a tiny, safe amount of electrical current running in between. When you put the device on your face, electrical current flows through the skin and facial muscle, causing a tightening. No shocking feeling here– it feels like absolutely nothing, except for the occasional tiny muscle twitch. If you feel anything, you didn’t apply enough of the gel. It is important to note that both spheres should always be in contact with the skin in order for it to work properly. After using the device, I could see the results almost immediately. My skin was firmer, well-hydrated and my cheeks were setting up higher than normal. It was almost as if my skin was finally awaken and refreshed. I was sold on this device and now I spend an extra five minutes out of the day "excising my face."

Microcurrent has so many other benefits to it as well. It is a proven de-puffer, because “exercising” the muscle with microcurrent helps promote the drainage of fluid. I have seen proven results with some of my clients, especially, my morning brides because they did not get any sleep the night before. For a skin therapist, microcurrent helps with the penetration of products with active ingredients. Any serums or special lotions used in your daily regimen, you will see a more amazing results when paired with the NuFace. The gel formulas have great skincare benefits as well. The Hydrating formula glides on easy and easily absorbs into the skin. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and Phytomoist Complex, NuFace Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer revitalizes and replenishes dry skin to ensure optimal microcurrent conductivity and treatment results. You can also brighten and tone your skin with the 24k Gold Gel. Infused with 24K gold and formulated with beneficial anti-aging ingredients hyaluronic acid, peptides, gold, and algae extracts to help improve skin’s radiance.

There's more.....

For a more targeted treatment, the NuFace Fix serves as a more targeted and on the go treatment. Within three minutes, you can instantly target fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, lips, and forehead. What's great about the Nuface Fix serum is that you can also use it alone or over the makeup to give your skin an instant boost.


Let's be honest, as we mature, we all crave anything ant-aging which is a joke itself. Aging is inevitable and there is no running from it. As your beauty guru, I'm here to tell you to stop focus on anti-aging and start focusing on aging smart.

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