COVID-19 and the Beauty Industry: The new normal of sanitation practices.

The existence of the coronavirus has changed the world in so many ways and we are uncertain as to what things will look like once this is all over with. Creative and colorful masks have now become the new fashion trend as we cover up in order to protect ourselves and extreme cleaning measures have now taken first priority as we try to move with what is now our new normal. Essential workers such as doctors and nurses are now working longer hours day in and day out. Going into the office has now become working from home while most people have not been able to work at all.

As far as freelance makeup artist, there is no such thing as working from home. The virus has all but shut down our industry. Weddings, events, and productions have been postponed if not cancelled leaving freelance makeup artists like myself, questioning if we should work in this industry at all or start to pursue other interests.

Beauty-N-Motion's founder and professional makeup artist, Alisha White, believes that there are precautions and formalities that all makeup artists will be taking to adjust to this new normal. Weddings will be postponed as well as other events and this is out of our control. If a wedding date has to be adjusted due to the Coronavirus, fees associated with the event should remain the same. Every effort should be taken to accommodate the new wedding date without penalty. Having compassion is very necessary because while this will not last long, your business reputation will.

There is no right or wrong in makeup except when it comes to sanitation. Beauty-N-Motion prides itself on practicing general sanitation practices. Now that the economy is slowly starting to open up, it would be hard to perform a service without close contact with a client. Anyone can be sick with the virus without showing symptoms. Assuming that everyone that sits in the makeup chair is sick, all necessary precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of each client and your makeup artist.

1. As expected your makeup artist will require a COVID-19 prescreen form to be signed and dated before the start of each service.

2. Temperatures will be taken using a touch-less infrared thermometer. Any client displaying a temperature of 100.4 will not receive services for that day.

3. Your makeup artist will wear a mask and face shield. Cover up and gloves will be worn if requested by the client.

4. Hands will be washed and sanitized using hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol content.

5. All products as well as capes, cases, and bags will be sanitized with a disinfectant.

6. Disposables such as sponges, mascara wands, lip applicators, eye liner applicators will be used in the makeup application.

7. Liquid and cream foundations will always be applied from a palette and not directly from it's bottle or tube.

8. As always, lipstick will never be used from the tube. It will be placed on a palette or disposable lip brush to be applied to the lips.

9. Double dipping will always be a big NO, NO!

Here are some good products that can be used for good sanitation practices:

Fantasia Naturals Hand and Surface Sanitizer. Kills 99.99% of most illness causing germs. The sprayer creates a micro mist for easy coverage and can be used on hands and surfaces.

Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner

Instantly cleans brushes and helps to prevent bacteria and germs.

Alcone Company Disposable Bamboo Kit. The perfect disposable kit for every makeup artist's kit. Helps to maintain a hygienic makeup station.

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