How To Create the Perfect Red Lip

We all want that perfect pout and while sometimes wearing a red lip can be bold and scary for most, for others it’s not so difficult with the right shade of red and knowing how to apply it correctly. Red lips is an easy way to plump up your beauty look and anybody can rock it. What you will need is:

  • Lip pumice or scrub

  • Moisturizer or lip balm

  • Red lip pencil

  • A shade of red lipstick complimentary to your skin tone

  • A lip brush

  • Lip gloss (optional)

  • Concealer

A good lip should start with moisturizer or lip balm. Dry cracked lips will not hold the lipstick very well. In some cases you may have to exfoliate your lips prior to the moisturizer or lip balm. Lipstick, especially a red lip can sometimes exaggerate dry flaky lips. If you do not have a lip pumice or scrub, take toothpaste and gently scrub your lips with your toothbrush for a nice clean surface. Afterwards, moisturize and dab off any access from the lips.

Take a lip pencil and outline your lips. Start at your cupid’s bow and from there form a nice shape on the outlines of your lip. I, myself, may even take the lip pencil and fill in just about to the center of my lips. This technique will help ground the color and keep it from bleeding. When choosing a lip pencil, look for a liner in a matching shade or close to it. Apply your lipstick evenly and generously on the center of your lips. For a precise application use your lip brush and blend out from the center of your lips. If you prefer to finish off your look with a shine, use a clear lip gloss on the center of the lips and rub in. For a matte finish, take a tissue and blot off the access. Final step, clean up your look with an exact match concealer and apply it around your lips. This will not keep the color from smearing but will give it a pop.

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